Happy New Year 2022

By M-Power

In my Merry Christmas Email (and I hope you all had a Merry Christmas), I talked about The Feeling of Christmas. The Feeling is something I write about in Chapter 3 of my book, Pathological Positivity.  The Feeling is a universally sought-after emotional state. We seek love, why? To have The Feeling. We seek money, why? To have The Feeling we get from the value we placed on obtaining money. We seek goals, why? To get The Feeling associated with obtaining the goal. We all want The Feeling that life is good.  But, sometimes we just don’t know how to get there.  And that is o.k. because there are tools and knowledge you can learn to guide your journey to The Feeling.  At Live On Purpose we have made many changes this year to get these tools and knowledge into your hands to help you feel The Feeling more often…

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