Psychological Effects of Yelling at Your Kids

By M-Power

Some research has suggested that yelling is just as psychologically damaging to a child as is child abuse. I’m not sure if that is completely true, but yelling can make our children feel that they are not loved. One of the most traumatic experiences for a child is to feel unloved. You know my mantra, love your child no matter what and even if… In case you are feeling slightly uneasy right now, know you are not alone. The researchers also pointed out that almost every parent yells at their child at some point. Spanking and physical or corporal punishment is now considered to be abuse and that leaves parents feeling frustrated, depleted and overwhelmed. So they YELL. I am not talking about the times when your child’s safety is at risk. Of course if there is a car coming and you need to alert your child, you are going…

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