Problems vs. Propportunities

By M-Power

In my book, Pathological Positivity, I share a story Richard Paul Evans wrote about a traveler who visits a poor, run down kingdom. He gives the king and his subjects a magic spyglass that when they look through the glass, they do not see the dismal state of things, they see a beautiful scene of what could be. Houses in disrepair appear to be beautiful cottages. Dried up yards appear as lush gardens. Haggard and downtrodden peasants look energetic and happy. Using the images as a blueprint, the king and his subjects work toward a better future. Their circumstances don’t change magically, but they improve as they begin to see how to create a better future. Each of us can create a better future, yet we sometimes limit ourselves by seeing problems, not opportunities. Think of your problems as “propportunities.” Sometimes, just this gentle shift of thinking, puts us in…

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