We Are The Troops

By M-Power

At times I start to feel stuck in one way or another, whether that is financially, emotionally, in a relationship, in my health, or some other way.  When I’m stuck, occasionally my mind starts to wander into the “Snow White Syndrome” and I start wishing and hoping for a rescue.  In reality, the power to get un-stuck lies with me alone.  Who or what is “the economy”?  Who or what is “the government”.  Who or what will be coming to get us un-stuck?  Watch this 1-minute video, and when you stop laughing start rescuing yourself! The Troops Aren’t Coming – WE are the Troops! –Mary Louise Zeller P.S.  For those of you within reach of Utah County, I would like to invite you to join me and Mary Louise Zeller on April 15th for a private showing of the movie “i-ology” followed by a presentation about a business opportunity for…

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