Time To Celebrate Festivus

By M-Power

In a Tough Year, There Might Be More Reason to Celebrate This Holiday Than You Know Event after event has been cancelled in 2020 and we could use a reason to celebrate.  How about Festivus?  Why not? It’s as good as any other reason.  If you aren’t familiar with Festivus, is was made popular by an episode of the TV show, Seinfeld, written by Dan O’Keefe. Dan’s father, Daniel O’Keefe was doing research for a book in 1966, and found a reference to a little known holiday called Festivus. He chose to  celebrate it on December 23rd as this is the anniversary of his first date with his wife. Before you go all, “Ahhh,” and think it was soooo romantic, the symbol of Festivus is an aluminum pole.  That’s right, no golden rings, no aromatic tree or lighted candles. And the celebration starts after a dinner of meatloaf.  Following dinner…

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