Problem Solving Tools: #3 – Use Discontent to Drive Creation

By M-Power

We are creators by nature. Many religions promote the idea that humans are more than just a creation; they are actual offspring of the Creator. As a child of the Supreme Creator, what would that make you? A creator. It’s not that you can become a creator someday, you already are a creator. Just like a puppy is already a dog and a two year old child is already a person. Our creation trait begins when we are created, and persists throughout our lives. It isn’t a virtue, it is simply a trait. It’s a constant. We are constantly creating something. The question is, what are we creating? A masterpiece? A mess? Both? We create whatever our discontent drives or inspires us to create. The fact is, we enjoy encountering problems (discontent) and if there are no obvious problems we generate a few (intentional discontent) so we can enjoy creating a solution (intentional creation). That’s

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