Lessons from Oatmeal and ABC’s

By M-Power

I was watching some preschoolers play the other day and I think there are a few lessons we can learn from them on how to adult.  When I first started watching them, the teacher had directed them to a discovery center and she had put alphabet letters in some oatmeal (dry, not cooked). The kids had scoops and as they scooped, they discovered there were some letters in the oatmeal. They were then to find the letter on the alphabet strip next to the discovery center and put the letter there.  The kids did this for a while and found most of the letters, but not all.  Then they took some cars that were near the center and began running their cars in the oatmeal and making up all sorts of scenarios and knocking into one another, and driving on again.  I thought about the kids and how they readily…

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