My Child Doesn’t Want To Go To School

By M-Power

Doc, helped me, my child doesn’t want to go to school. I’ve heard it from other parents too.  We want to talk more about principle than specific techniques. I believe if you have the right principles down, that’s going to help you come up with the right application or the techniques to support those principles. So, principle number 1 is – diagnosis before treatment. Sounds like an appropriate thing for the doc to say, right? We have to appropriately diagnose what’s going on before the treatment makes any sense. What if you were to go to the eye doctor and you said, “Doc, I can’t see very well.” And he says, “Oh here, try these and he takes his own glasses off and hands them to you. No, that’s not going to work because he needs to diagnose what’s going on with your eyes and then treat appropriately to that…

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