Positive On Purpose

By M-Power

Sometimes I am accused of being pathologically positive, like Pollyanna from the 1960 Disney movie. Is this a compliment or a criticism? I wasn’t sure so I rented the movie. I remember as a child liking the movie. It seems that when I got older, I joined in with the other popular opinions that it was just corny and, well, pollyannaish. Watching it this time, I really paid attention to what Pollyanna was doing in light of my positive psychology practice. Here is a kid who was orphaned at an age when she could understand what was going on. Unquestionably a huge and painful adversity. Her father had been a minister, and taught her a game that she¬†liked to play whenever something difficult or unpleasant was happening – the glad game. The game is that you intentionally look for something to be glad about related to your situation. It is…

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