Change Your Mind to Change Your Attitude

By M-Power

Positive Psychology. What does that mean to you? Be happy all the time? Never feel sad, angry, frustrated? Wrong. We are human, we have feelings, lots of them. Feelings are simply our way of registering discontent. Positive Psychology is understanding that we have those feelings and decide to use them constructively, instead of reacting automatically, which can include lashing out. How did lashing out work for you the last time you tried it? You are never wrong about your feelings but you may be wrong about your interpretation or perception of what is behind those feelings. How do you know if your interpretation or perception are off? Try this simple test… Are my feelings of discontent leading me to believe that someone other than me needs to change?  If the answer is yes, then you are headed down the wrong road. Your interpretation of those feelings means that you have to…

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