Why Is Communication So Challenging?

By M-Power

Paul: Vicki, you’re a communications expert. There’s probably a lot of reasons why communication is so challenging in a marriage. There are a lot of reasons. How about we do the top 5? Vicki: Sounds good. Paul: You good? Should we start with the fifth? Vicki: Yeah. Let’s talk. Paul: Number 5. People are different. This is good, actually though differences create conflict. Any time you bring two people together they have different preferences or backgrounds or programming and ways they communicate. Differences are important to relationships because they give meaning to the relationship. They make us relevant and interesting to each other, but that can create conflict as well. That conflict often emerges in the communication patterns. Vicki: Reason number 4, language is tricky. Picking the right word, finding the right emphasis. But here’s the thing that I think is so important to remember. I recently read a study…

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