Stay Positive In A Negative World

By M-Power

Stay Positive In A Negative World Ahhh, election season, as if there wasn’t enough negativity in the world. So how can you stay positive in the muck? In a recent episode on YouTube, I share principles and skills that can help you Stay Positive in a Negative World. Identify Principles that are related to positivity. When you understand the principle, you can change the outcome. 1.    Everything has an upside and a downside. There are pros and cons, pleasure and pain. Up does not exist except in relationship to down. Opposites define each other. 2.    We constantly judge, and you can’t turn it off. Judgment also implies comparison. That you think the world is negative, is a judgment. It could always be better and always be worse depending on our judgment of what is occurring. 3.    We are constantly creating and we have the ability to create a mess or hope….

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