How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

By M-Power

We all know that gratitude is important. Gratitude is something that we talked about quite often at Live On Purpose. I have one of our Live On Purpose certified coaches, Dan Hartman here to help us learn why gratitude is so important. Dan: Hey, I’m excited to talk about gratitude, it’s one of my favorite subjects. Paul: That’s why you’re here. And you’ve got reasons to know what you know. Dan: Exactly. Paul: You know Dan, we all have a story. We all have experiences in our life that the inform us about these principles that help us develop a better life. Gratitude is one of those very powerful starting points. It’s kind of a launch off point for everything else that happens. I know you’ve got some really great thoughts put together for us. Dan: I have three ways that gratitude can truly change your life. The first way,…

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