3 Tips to Overcome Procrastination

By M-Power

Sunday, September 6th was National Fight Procrastination Day. Why do we procrastinate? The most common answer I get from people is that the thing they say they want to do is hard or uncomfortable. Even though they know it may be good for them, they procrastinate beginning.  Why should we undertake hard tasks?  I’ve learned this: You get to have either hard-easy or easy-hard. And what I mean by that is often when we choose to do the easy thing now, we set ourselves up for a harder existence later on.  Take your health as an example, we pay for our health now or later, but we will pay.  We all know we should exercise, but we put it off. in which case, we are choosing easy/hard.  Meaning, it is easy to sit on the couch and watch TV and eat potato chips, and the hard part comes later with possible poor health,…

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