How to Make a Great First Impression

By M-Power

First impressions are really important in a lot of different contexts in our life. You think about things like a job interview for example. Or social interactions or workplace interactions with co-workers or a customer or client. Those first impressions are really crucial. Dr. Ann Demarais did some research years ago that illuminated the important aspects in forming a great first impression. She wrote the book “First Impressions,” which I highly recommend. We’ll put a link down below. Dr. Demarais found that how we focus makes a big difference. So, let’s take a look at how Dr. Demarais has set this up. Imagine a quadrant system and we will pick 2 elements to focus on so you can see exactly how this works. In the first column, our focus is how I feel in first person. So, I’m focused on how I feel as opposed to how you feel. Now,…

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