How To Improve Relationship With Parents

By M-Power

Working with teens can be a real challenge. This post is for teens, to let them know how to improve their relationship with their parents. Paul: You know, Vic, when I’m working with families about this, the place that I always want to start is with an understanding of parent psychology. Vicki: Parent psychology for the youth? Paul” Yeah. Wouldn’t it be helpful? If you are a young person, think about it. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know how your parents are thinking? What is going on in their mind? Vicki: Is that possible? I’m curious, what is parent psychology? Paul: Okay. So, this is interesting because we’ve done a lot of videos on our You Tube Channel, Live On Purpose TV, for parents about the three stages of moral development. This is parent psychology. Parents think in a very predictable way and judge where their kids are depending on…

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