How To Help A Child With ADHD Without Medication

By M-Power

When I shifted over to positive psychology, I quit giving diagnoses to my clients. I haven’t done it in a decade. And yet, my experience in child psychology had me working a lot with children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD. Whether your child has a legitimate diagnosis or not, I think some of the principles that we discuss here today are going to be helpful. I’m starting with something that I’ve reiterated many times. Listen carefully… Your job as a parent is to love them no matter what and even if. We are starting with that because everything else I can share with you is simply manipulation if you lose track of that. That is so key, so essential. Don’t be deceived into thinking your job is to make sure that they… anything. Especially with an ADHD child, because you don’t have that kind of control. Your job…

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