How To Get Someone To Like You

By M-Power

We’ve all wondered it from time to time how do you get someone to like you. You know what? I learned this from some little kids. I’ve shared with you before that I spent (Wow) probably 12 or 13 years of my career doing child custody evaluations. I did a lot of psychological evaluations and interviews with children, little kids. And they taught me so much. I used to have this instrument that I would use with children called a sentence completion test. And it’s not really a test. It’s more of an exercise to pry out some of their thinking. There are sentence stems and then there’s a blank at the end. And you read the stem to them and they fill in the blank. And one of these was “To make friends, you have to…” Now, how did you answer that? You know what? Over 90% of the…

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