How To Deal With A Rude Disrespectful Child

By M-Power

Vicki: What a challenge, dealing with a rude disrespectful child That is so hard. It sets things off inside you really fast. Paul: That’s something that triggers parents more than anything. Vicki: Yeah, yep. So, the very first thing maintaining respect yourself. This is a challenge when someone is being disrespectful to you, especially someone younger, it is really challenging. We have got to find ways that we can maintain respect ourselves. We have talked about that quite a few times. Become very aware of the way you show up in your own body. So, with your face, is it calm? Are you reflecting back anger? Are your eyebrows calm? Is your voice calm? Paul: You know Vicki, as you introduced this idea of maintaining a respectful demeanor yourself, because that is how you are going to model behavior for your kids, obviously. I remember this group that I was…

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