How To Calm Your Mind Before You Sleep

By M-Power

Maybe I should just sing you a lullaby. Would that help? No, probably not. I’m a psychologist. I want to help you understand how to calm your mind down before sleep. Let’s take a look at the 4 main culprits that disturb your sleep and then we will come up with a strategy for each one. The four culprits that disturb sleep the most are: Alcohol Caffeine Blue light, (maybe that one surprised you), and Anxiety (that one didn’t surprise you) I attended a professional conference not too long ago with Dr. Preston out of Stanford University. Dr. Preston shared with us these culprits that disturb our sleep, and that particularly get in the way with our stage 4 sleep. Stage 4 is the deeper levels of sleep that tends to be restorative. As he shared these findings, he also shared something that we can do about each one of…

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