How To Achieve Peace Of Mind In Daily Life

By M-Power

Peace of mind is something that I get asked about a lot and I have one of our Certified Live On Purpose Coaches, Devan Bosch, to help us out. Devan, you’ve got a lot of reasons for knowing about peace and there’s not a lot of peace in the world. Would you agree? Devan: Absolutely. It’s all around us. Everywhere to go. On my way here this morning, I was struggling with it, just thoughts about things that have happened over the last couple of days. People that have failed to show up in my life and different things like that. Paul: There’s all kinds of negative news out there. It just feels like the world is in turmoil. So we’re addressing today this question of how to achieve peace. How to find that or create it as you and I talked about quite a bit in our daily lives?

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