The Surprising Truth About Group Coaching

By M-Power

One of the biggest benefits of a membership at Live On Purpose Central is the Group Coaching that occurs there every week. If you are a little wary of group coaching, you are not alone. Yet, it is a powerful tool that has helped many people IF we can get over the hesitation. (And, we can!) Have you ever thought… My problems are unique to me, no one else will understand.  I would NEVER talk about my problems in front of others. I would be afraid they were judging me. How can hearing Dr. Paul talk to another person about their problems with their in-laws help me with my problems with my kids? Or work? Or relationships? The truth is you are not alone. Those in our community have lots of empathy and they are supportive and helpful. What is talked about in the group, stays in the group.  When someone outlines what is…

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