Four Hacks For Rambunctious Kids

By M-Power

Do you have busy energetic children? We’ve got 4 hacks for rambunctious kids. Paul: I love that my job is to illuminate the obvious. Some obvious things are totally unnoticed and I think this is important to notice. Children’s work is? Vicki: Play. Paul: Right. So, here is hack number 1: Play with your kids. Get down on the floor with them. Don’t be afraid to interact with them on their level. I’ve found at least in my practice, and Vicki, maybe you can back this up in the kids that you have worked with, that sometimes kids become a little more hyper, a little more rambunctious when they are trying to get the kind of attention that they are really craving. Vicki: Definitely! Paul: As parents, we have other things to worry about. I mean, we need to take care of the house and earn some money to pay…

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