The Myth of Time Management

By M-Power

We hear a lot about time management, but can you manage time?  No, time management is a myth. Sorry to burst your bubble. We all have the same amount of time given to us each day, 24 hours. We spend that time. Each one of us gets the same amount and we all spend it, then we get 24 hours more the next day.  We decide what activities we will do to spend that time.   I am hearing from a lot of people about the demands being placed on them right now with working from home and having children there, children who are now going back to school, or not.  I get asked, “How am I going to help my children and get my job done?” We have to effectively use our time and this will help you to fortify yourself, to strengthen and invigorate yourself to get what you need to do done.  We…

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