We Aren’t There Yet

By M-Power

Everything will be okay in the end. If things aren’t okay, it isn’t the end. Keep going. I was reminded of this saying when reading a hopeful study that said 10% of people with major depression were thriving 10 years later.  Thriving, not just living. Many people think that once depressed, always depressed. That isn’t the case. You can thrive. There is hope.  Sometimes your journey is long, we don’t know how long we will be up against this particular challenge. Are we in Act 1, Act 2, the intermission, or is it the final scene?  We just don’t know.  Even if you don’t suffer from depression, there are many ways the axiom can help us in our lives. You have a teenager who is putting you through the wringer. Well, if things aren’t okay, then you aren’t done yet.  You have a work situation that is making it difficult…

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