Eat Your Vegetables and Other Things Your Mother Told You to Do

By M-Power

It’s National Eat Your Vegetables Day We all know we should eat our vegetables, among other things. Yet, how many times do we grab for the brownie and skip the vegetables?  There are other things we know we should do – but we don’t.  Why not? The answers vary. Perhaps fear, perfectionist tendency, comparing ourselves to others, stuck in a routine or the most common reason, the benefits can’t be seen for a long time. How can we get ourselves to do something that will benefit us? I teach a model called easy/hard, hard/easy.  Basically, we default to easy. Whatever will cause us less friction or pain, we default to. Who wants to choose pain when you can have pleasure? Yet, we know that choosing easy now can lead to harder things down the road.  And, choosing harder things now can lead to easier things down the road. Easy –…

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