Should A Husband Listen To His Wife?

By M-Power

There’s a lot of reasons why you’re here today, Vicki. Should a husband listen to his wife? Vicki: Hmm, let’s talk about it. Paul: This could be a very short article, seriously. Vicki: Should a husband listen to his wife? Paul: Duh? Only, only if he wants a better marriage. I had a couple, I kid you not, just this past week. His main complaint was, “She won’t listen to me. I am trying to fix her problem and she won’t listen to me.” And I’m thinking, “I know what her problem is.” Vicki: Oh, my goodness. Paul: I just came back from a conference not too long ago with doctors John and Julie Gottman. I just respect these people so much. Dr. John and Dr. Julie Gottman have done some of the most influential research on couples that I’ve ever seen. They have made a big impact on the…

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