How to Agree on Effective Rules When You Have Different Values

By M-Power

Is it possible for couples with different values to agree on effective rules for their children? Yes! When couples simplify and seek to understand each other. Let’s start with the good news: Differences make us relevant and interesting to each other. Think about it, if you and your partner were exactly the same, one of you would be unnecessary. (Let’s not go there.) The good news is also the bad news: Differences create conflicts. (You already knew that.) There are different values, different preferences, different backgrounds, different cultures and different upbringings.  These create conflicts, but they also help us to bring something unique to the relationship.  Don’t try to replicate the exact culture of just one of the family backgrounds. The two of you have come together to create this new family that includes parts of each of what makes you you. As long as we are bent on keeping…

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