Do You Know Someone who is Cranky or Annoying?

By M-Power

A lot of people are working in a different way or even in a different environment in 2020, but there are plenty that still work with others on a daily basis.  I get asked how to deal with difficult co-workers. Since it is Cranky Coworker Day, I thought we could take this on. I can tell you from my decades of experience in psychology, that I am still really bad at changing people. I can’t make another person behave differently, only myself. I can teach principles, but in terms of changing people, they have to want to do that.  So, everything that changes, has to happen with you, internally, inside yourself.  That probably wasn’t the answer you were expecting, but stay with me for a minute. When we shift our perception, it changes the focus, and our frustration level drops. The first tip is to CHANGE YOUR GOAL It is…

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