How To Heal From A Traumatic Experience

By M-Power

Some of our viewers of Live On Purpose TV ask for help in healing from a traumatic experience. I think it’s universal because we all have traumatic things happen to us. Have you noticed that stuff happens and it’s not always stuff that we had planned and things just come out of left field sometimes and hit us upside the head? Now we didn’t plan on it, we didn’t ask for it. We didn’t sign up for it. And it traumatizes us. It hurts us. Part of the reason this happens is because we live in a world where this stuff happens. Also, we are human beings who have flaws and weaknesses. Because of those weaknesses, we end up hurting each other, even if we don’t intend to. Then there all of those experiences where somebody did intend to inflict trauma. These happen through a crime or some kind of…

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