Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset

By M-Power

I saw this message on a board this week and the truth leapt out. Our words can either limit us or help us to grow. And we have the choice of which words we use and listen to. “I messed up.” OK, well, who hasn’t. What if we changed the words to, “What can I learn from this experience?” “This is really hard.” Whatever you are doing is probably hard, because every time we do something for the first time it is difficult. We don’t have the muscle memory to know how to act. What if we changed the words to, “I need more/other skills to help me get better at this.” “I’m not good at this.” Michael Jordan was told he wasn’t good at basketball, but he kept practicing. What if we changed the words to, “I will keep practicing so I can get better at this.” “I give…

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