6 Steps to Avoid Holiday Stress

By M-Power

I have 6 holiday stress tips to help you this holiday season. I could probably get away with just one if it’s this: Can the shoulds. Can them. Get rid of them. We too often put expectations on ourselves that overwhelm us. We feel frustrated because we are not where we should be. We are not doing things we should do. Do you see where the should creeps in all over the place? What if we were to take everything that’s on your should list and just throw it out. Toss it out the window. No more shoulds. What would happen? Oh, you might not get all of that stuff done? But it’s okay because it’s not a should anymore. Some may say, “Oh, but Dr. Paul, I want to do this.” Oh, well, that’s different. Do you want to do this stuff? Are you doing it because you should…

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