Family Home Evening | Bring Power, Principle And Purpose Home

By M-Power

Today, we’re going to discuss with you a topic that brings power, principle and purpose home. We call it Family Home Evening. This is going to rock your world. Paul: Vicki, we’ve had a practice in our family that I’ve realized in recent years (after the kids are grown) has been a really powerful practice. We have been implementing this in some of our parenting groups and the programs that we are doing for positive parenting. Some people call it different things, it could be family council, family together time, family night. I have one family that calls it family drum circle. It’s a meeting that you hold on a consistent basis, we recommend weekly. There are other things you ought to do daily, like family dinner, for example, but this is a meeting that you’ll hold once a week for a couple of very specific purposes. Implementing this as…

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