Advice For Imperfect Parents

By M-Power

Paul: Make sure you are in the right place, because if you are a perfect parent, this is not for you. This planet is populated with imperfect people. In fact, I think that’s perfect. I have a little mantra and I do this with my clients. Vicki, you’ve heard this before. You are perfectly designed to be imperfect. Vicki: Yeah. Paul: It’s part of our innate, I think divine design, that we have imperfections, we have weaknesses. There’s a reason for that. In fact, there’s a lot of reasons for that. But it’s something that bothers us a lot, too. Vicki: Right. Paul: And we’ve got some advice for you today as an imperfect parent. First of all, welcome to earth. You are in good company. Every other parent on the planet is also imperfect. And so, let’s just lighten up a little bit, shall we? Vicki: Embrace it a…

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