Winning A Custody Battle – Four Things You Must Do

By M-Power

There are four things that you must do to win a custody battle, but they are probably not what you would expect. As a professional psychologist, 13 years of my career was committed to doing child custody evaluations for the court before I switched over to positive psychology. Here is what I learned. As a professional evaluator for the court, there are two worlds that are created for a child. Before parents separate, the child’s world is just one big whole like a circle. When mom and dad separate, for whatever reason, that world splits. And now we have mom’s world and dad’s world, and they are very different. Where do the kids belong? Right there in the middle Now, actually the kid’s world is larger than either mom’s world or dad’s world because the kids world includes both mom’s and dad’s world. Research shows very clearly that the number…

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