Head For Higher Ground

By June 14, 2012 5 Comments

December 26, 2006 was the date.  An earthquake beneath the Indian Ocean caused a shift in the earth's plates that led to a displacement of the sea itself.  The waters withdrew from the shore in preparation for an enormous tsunami to follow.  Those who saw and recognized the signs immediately began to retreat for higher ground – they knew what was coming.  There are plenty of signs around indicating that our world is in danger – everything from economic indicators to crime rates.  There is ample reason to believe that we need to head for higher ground.  Identify the higher ground in your life and invite others along.

Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.  ~ James Arthur Baldwin



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  • Stefan Hallberg says:

    Very true and timely advice, the very enormous challenge here it so be able to identify the “Higher Ground” when the society breakdown occurs.

  • DrPaul says:

    Thanks for the comments gentlemen – I had another realization this past weekend as I was spending time on higher ground. I was with a group of young men from my church in the mountains above beautiful Heber Valley where I was raised. These are 16-18 year old boys who could have been anywhere last weekend, but chose to be at this camp where the focus was on spiritual elevation and preparation for service to others as missionaries. What a great feeling it was to see them interact and strengthen each other. A little later in the camp, one of our other volunteer leaders came up. He had just spent a few hours at the carnival with his children, and commented about the stark difference he noticed between the feelings he had among young people in each of these settings. The language, the dress, the attitude… I love being in the mountains, and spending time on “higher ground” in other important ways as well.

  • Steve says:

    I tend to agree with your message Paul and David with your insight. Disturbing to me is that our media is rife with doomsday hype; our people seem to enjoy apocalyptic movies, books, etc. The resulting negative emotional state may well contribute to further degeneration. So, protecting and cultivating elevated states of perspective in our own minds is where the battleground is today. This is where the ‘something big’ is happening today. This is where we are creating our future. I seek continually for the flow of pure love to direct my perceptions and my feelings so that regardless of what happens, it is a detail of the temporal world, not something which defines me. I find this perspective opens my eyes and keeps me awake to what is really important. Which comes back to what you were talking about David, but also helps me stay focused on what is truly important, today. (With that said, I am also ready to head for higher ground, literally!)

  • Mike Brousseau says:

    Dr. Paul,

    I had similar thoughts last week as I visited Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon. As we passed the village and headed towards the camping area, the devastation of the 2008 flash flood was very apparent. Navaho Falls had changed completely, along with the foliage on the West side of the river. Near the campgrounds there was actually a sign that said “this is Higher Ground. In case of a flash flood…(follow these directions)” I thought that metaphorically, while it is good to know where the higher ground is, it maybe be better to spend more time on higher ground rather than constantly putting one’s self in danger playing on “lower” ground. By definition, you never know exactly when the flash flood or the tsunami will hit. Finding and remaining on the higher ground offers protection from being swept away.

  • David Hinton says:

    Thank you Dr. Paul for the timely advice. The life indicators in this country and all over the earth indicate that something big is about to happen. The Lord 2,000 years ago indicated that in the end times things would happen of great import, most of which would be cleansing of the earth of wickedness. The only way to head to higher ground is to head to that which is more spiritual and live a better life, doing good to all, trying to bless others lives. One should leave selfishness behind and worry more about how to help others. Lifting others is of great importance, and you can’t begin to do that unless you have found higher ground yourself first! I find that that is exactly what you are doing Dr. Paul, Thank You!!!