Christmas is a time of imagination and creativity.

Sometimes people use their imagination in the wrong way.

It isn't all sugar plums and twinkling lights.

They imagine troubles, hardships, scarcity and conflict.

No twinkling lights there.

Dan Zadra said, “Worry is the misuse of imagination.”

We have a choice – allow your imagination to think positive or negative thoughts.

You do have something to do with the future – but you don't know what will happen.

Did you predict a pandemic and exactly how it all played out?

Did you predict a war in the Ukraine?

People say, “But I am a realist.” That is fine, be a realist – be an Equal Opportunity Realist. 

When your mind begins to wander, call it back and imagine something wonderfully positive happening.

One of the most often refrains I hear is, “I could never have imagined I would be in this situation.” (For good and bad).

By their own admission they stink at predicting the future – so stop trying.

Susan Jeffers said that behind every fear is the belief that you can't handle the thing you are afraid of.

Said who?

Susan points out that you CAN handle whatever comes because you have handled everything that has happened up to this point. You have a great track record. You may not like how you handled it and we can help with that.

Another strategy is one my dad taught me way back in High School.

I was worrying about a lot of things and it was getting in the way of my productivity.

My dad said to get a notebook and write on the cover, “Worry About It Wednesday.”

If something was worrying me, I would write it in the notebook. I pulled out the notebook on Wednesday and reviewed the stuff that was bothering me and then put it away until the next Wednesday. 

This allowed me to stay focused on the present – the right now. Worrying takes us away from the present and the present is what will most likely determine our future.

So go ahead – imagine the future rosy, bright, sugar plums and twinkling lights.